One of our goals is to offer customers an array of styles each season, but because of high development and production costs mainly due to creating molds for custom made soles in each size (something most other shoe brands of our size don't do), we usually can only end up doing 1-2 new styles per season. 

In order to counter this, we're holding a preorder sale to basically raise enough capital to fund the production for a larger collection of styles next season (while still maintaining small batch production) -- 2 styles for spring and 2 for summer. This pre-sale will also help us to order colors and quantities accordingly so we'll have less overproduction and waste.

The funding pre-sale event will include a special discount on all preorders of the 2 styles we have planned for Spring: an updated version with improved fit of the Wedge Slip-on, a previous style we had that many customers have asked to bring back. We have renamed it the IO (indoor/outdoor) Slipper. The second style is the Flexx Mule which is a super versatile and easy style on our newest rubber sole. Both of these are on custom-molded flexible and lightweight soles that make them our most comfortable shoes we've ever had.

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we're obsessed with our new FLEXX sole and can't wait to debut them for next spring. it's a custom-molded translucent rubber heeled sole with a small platform so there's height but with a low arch that makes them super comfy and walkable. the bottom tread features clouds, the cutout design inside the sole makes them lightweight and the rubber makes them springy, bouncy and of course, flexxible.




the wait is nearly over -- our newest style, the Bare Loafer will be available by the end of next week, oct 15 (barring anymore unforeseen shipping delays! 🙏).




after a visit to our factory outside florence last month, incidentally found this gem at an outdoor market in brera, milan: ritratti di fabbriche by famed italian landscape photographer gabrielle basilico. so good. 



the new Bare Loafer in black coming this Fall ;)

last weekend, we were able to tour the former home of architect and designer Gerald Luss in Ossining, NY and the current exhibition of works by contemporary artists and designers showing there now. shout out to our friends tantuvi and hello human for the invite. 🌿



prepping for the glue: roughing up the bottom of the upper 

the upper design of our new Bare Loafer

waiting for the glue to dry on the uppers and the outsoles

preparing to attach our custom heel

insole that's underneath the padded footbed

machine lasting a boot upper

a few of our new fall/winter styles going through samplemaking stages at the factory in italy. stay tuned -- these will be on preorder soon!



we've added two podcasts to our regular rotation, both of them focusing on Asian-Americans and their stories and both we highly recommend: Self Evident and Rock the Boat. they are thoughtful, thought-provoking and extremely needed in helping to bring unity, understanding, and voices to the forefront. the podcasts are both hosted by Asian-American women whom i've had contact with in the past. i inadvertently came upon the podcasts without realizing who they were by (i had the pleasure of meeting the host of Rock the Boat, Lucia Liu, a few years ago through a friend, and Self Evident's host, Cathy Erway, recommended a hypnotist to me!). we especially enjoyed the Rock the Boat episode with the Fung Bros and Self Evident's episode on hate going viral. subscribe and support!