shoe print jacket ;~)

these 2 friends who owned the local nail salon chain, Mantrap Nails, are the favorite from this Nailed It documentary that goes into the history of the nail industry and the Vietnamese community who dominate it. excuse the screenshot quality from the plane...




excellent designed PJ Harvey (long sleeve!) tee we snagged from DIY print operation out of portland, Copycat Video

and we also love this blog post by blackbird spyplane on vintage art tees. some faves, above.


really enjoyed our stay at The Graham & Co. (pool not heated sadly)

thrifting in Woodstock

comfy brand appreciation

calzone and spaghetti at Brio's in Phoenicia with wine, covid style.

we stayed in the bunk style roomswhich we didn't mind at all. silver lining to covid is having our own shared bathroom :-)

there really is a charm in the very small town of Phoenicia we appreciated

secured the den to ourselves! Martin the owner helped us start the wood burning stove (not pictured) which then led to Eree mentioning Korea's ondol floor heating system. brilliante smart and functional, why can't the US ever get anything right for the common good -_-

hers and hers when we aren't wearing Hopp ;~)

borrowed bikes from the Graham for a little neighborhood ride. came the perfect weekend to catch this fall foilage. if only there were more daylight hours and weather stayed the same to hike and do a milli other upstate things! next time.

we love the Sardinian donkeys (cry) at Magazzino Italian Art

enjoyed the art at Magazzino 



both from the New Yorker. HOPPositions that we constantly think about...



any diehard HOPP fans who remembers these handpainted sandals we did back in 2017? the leather paints we used were from our favorite online leather and shoe care store and family-owned business, Angelus. they sell all kinds of products to customize shoes as well as the best leather upkeep products -- conditioners, finishes, cements, repellents, cleaners, you name it. they also have some great tutorials on how to customize shoes or bags on their blog. an amazing resource.


😆 a passionate rant on high heels from Jo DangHOPP Design and Content Creator-Extraordinaire. 


introducing cherrelle! we're spotlighting HOPP employees (only 2 really 😄) and collaborators throughout the blog, and cher is first because she was actually our first hire. she's been with us since day one ringing up orders at HOPP's launch party back in april 2016. not only is she an amazing designer and all-around helper (and model!), she also just started her own passion biz creating and selling beautiful illustrations and prints. check out and buy her work on her brand new website.


classic comfort Hush Puppies next level merch. metal initial beads?! and all suede with their pup logo embroidered. quality merch.

"In 1994 when sales of Hush Puppies were down to 30,000 pairs a year, Hush Puppies suddenly became "hip" in the clubs and bars of downtown Manhattan where young people were "buying them up" at small shoe stores. Hush Puppies soon began to turn up on the famous feet of stars such as Princess Diana, Jim Carrey, Sharon Stone, David Bowie, Tom Hanks, Dennis Rodman and Sylvester Stallone. Hush Puppies also benefited from the trend toward dressing-down at work, filling the fashion gap between tennis shoes and dress shoes. Wolverine sent videotapes with tips for casual dressing at work to 200 businesses throughout the United States. The company revived the "We invented casual" tagline that had launched Hush Puppies in 1958." -Wiki hehe



was recently introduced to new york-based, south korean experimental cellist and composer okkyung lee by a friend and can't get enough. she came out with a new album (above) earlier this summer, and we've also been listening to this amazing playlist she put together of 70s and 80s korean pop.


aside from the cut out in the platform symbolizing this time of literal limbo, personally and globally, our new limbo styles have a late 60s and 70s influence. it's the name of a vintage store credited to having started new york's vintage shopping scene on st. marks when it opened in 1965. some good history of it here and here! wish we were around back then to have experienced and shopped it (the st. marks of yore). the sign was left behind after the store closed down, which of course is now long gone and has been replaced with yet another poorly designed apartment building.