if you missed out on your size in our senso boot, we've got an online sample sale coming soon! fit samples, photoshoot samples and past season samples. stay tuned to our instagram or mailing list for first dibs. ☺



and then i don't bad. or sad or mad etc. etc. a classic gratitude reminder song. favorite 3 here so far :~)


Farewell to a tough and strange year. This year made me rethink everything - from where to live to whether to continue HOPP. And if so, what continuing this business really means and looks like in this seemingly new world. And of course that ever-nagging question of do we really need to make “more stuff”? I’m still wondering. And rethinking. What I do know is I hope for better clarity in 2021. Thank you to everyone for the (much-needed) continued support and love. 💛 


shoe print jacket ;~)

these 2 friends who owned the local nail salon chain, Mantrap Nails, are the favorite from this Nailed It documentary that goes into the history of the nail industry and the Vietnamese community who dominate it. excuse the screenshot quality from the plane...




excellent designed PJ Harvey (long sleeve!) tee we snagged from DIY print operation out of portland, Copycat Video

and we also love this blog post by blackbird spyplane on vintage art tees. some faves, above.


really enjoyed our stay at The Graham & Co. (pool not heated sadly)

thrifting in Woodstock

comfy brand appreciation

calzone and spaghetti at Brio's in Phoenicia with wine, covid style.

we stayed in the bunk style roomswhich we didn't mind at all. silver lining to covid is having our own shared bathroom :-)

there really is a charm in the very small town of Phoenicia we appreciated

secured the den to ourselves! Martin the owner helped us start the wood burning stove (not pictured) which then led to Eree mentioning Korea's ondol floor heating system. brilliante smart and functional, why can't the US ever get anything right for the common good -_-

hers and hers when we aren't wearing Hopp ;~)

borrowed bikes from the Graham for a little neighborhood ride. came the perfect weekend to catch this fall foilage. if only there were more daylight hours and weather stayed the same to hike and do a milli other upstate things! next time.

we love the Sardinian donkeys (cry) at Magazzino Italian Art

enjoyed the art at Magazzino 



both from the New Yorker. HOPPositions that we constantly think about...



any diehard HOPP fans who remembers these handpainted sandals we did back in 2017? the leather paints we used were from our favorite online leather and shoe care store and family-owned business, Angelus. they sell all kinds of products to customize shoes as well as the best leather upkeep products -- conditioners, finishes, cements, repellents, cleaners, you name it. they also have some great tutorials on how to customize shoes or bags on their blog. an amazing resource.